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Under the light of the approaching wolf moon, Emara Clearwater finds herself torn between her duty as an Empress of the Kingdom, and the truth that lies in her heart. With no Supreme emerging between the Elemental Covens yet, Emara must take the reigns to fight for what she believes in—paving the way for women in a new world. But the darkness in her powers is building and the pressure is on to make sure she feels protected. With the secret of her bloodline hanging in the balance of Viktir Blacksteel’s wicked ways, will he be the one to bring down Emara’s new world all around her? Or will she be succumb to the name that haunts her…Balan, King of the underworld.

Being a guard to the Empress of Earth is slowly becoming more difficult as forbidden feelings grow, but it’s not the only thing on Gideon Blacksteel's mind. He finds himself in the middle of a Blacksteel civil war between his brother and his father in the inevitable fight for dominance. But when given the choice, whose side will he stand on? 

Torin Blacksteel’s hope for a future of his own choice was ripped out from underneath him in the blink of an eye. Struggling to find his way, he turns to darker hobbies. Dangerous interests. But something about his new lifestyle doesn’t feel right…especially when he has a moment to listen to his heart. Will he step up from his shattered reality and fight through it for Emara, or will he be too late? As long as his father is commander, will he have a choice?

Breighly Baxgroll is in deeper than she thought…with everything it seems. Trying to find her place in the Kingdom with witches, her protective pack and a certain inked warrior of Thorin, she quickly finds herself overwhelmed in a world that she was certain of before. But as the demons of her past swarm around in her head, mixing up her emotions, she will need to hold onto her fierce tongue before she ruins special relationships forever. And with the wolf moon—also known as the mating moon to wolves— in the sky, she finds herself in another predicament. 

In a race against time to find the stones of the Gods before the dark army, the Blacksteel Clan must work together—regardless of their feelings—to figure out where they are. With Kellen Blacksteels visions getting stronger, will he be able to keep them a secret, or will he expose himself in the process?

It seems darkness is written in the stars of destiny, but will Emara and the Clan be able to escape unscathed once more? Not according to Kellen Blacksteel’s vision. By the time the Wolf Moon reaches her fullest peak, the earth will be soaked in hunters’ blood, and there isn’t much the Empress of Air can do to fix the impending tragedy.

Or is there…

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